Broken Heart Syndrome

This is how you made me feel.
Animation may take a few seconds to load 

These are made to be shared with the one who Hurt you. Show them what they did to you.

HOW TO SHARE: to Google+
(show your pain to the one who hurt you) 
to share to just one person hit to 1up button. 
then click on the box that pops up.
and you can copy and paste the url and post it to their facebook wall 
(make sure to remove your circles)
and that is it. they will receive a Nice Animation. ;-)
 or you can just post to your wall for everyone TO SEE WHAT THEY DID TO YOU ;-). 

Sweet at Heart
Broken at Heart
Dark at Heart Animations 
Angels & Fairy Animations
Rainbow Colored Animations
Dark Humor Animations 
Dark & Evil Animations
Dark at Heart Screen Savers
Dark at Heart 2
All of My Animated GIFs in one site
If you care. Please Share :)

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let them all know what they did to you.
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